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The Challenge

I spent two years working directly with the New York Lottery’s executive management addressing top-level strategy challenges including refining the digital proposition, boosting digital and social media marketing ROI, and reengineering customer end to end journeys across channels. Even as an industry-leading $9B casino and gaming services business, it was struggling to keep up with ever-changing digital trends required to attract the Millennial spending power and boost the viability of its Subscription game program.

The Subscription program had remained underdeveloped
and underutilized as a result of limited resources and managerial priorities. Appropriately, the goal of this project was to increase the Subscription membership and migrate traditional mail-in subscribers to the online portals. 

The Goal

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My Role

I worked directly with the New York State Gaming Commission’s Lottery division’s executive management to address top-level strategy concerns including consumer-centric digital/social media marketing, product/service viability, and operational improvement. Outside of ad-hoc projects from the Governor, my primary responsibility was reviving the “Subscription Games program for the Lottery. Where I was led the research, development, and execution of a digital migration program that resulted in consistent sales increases, increased subscription enrollment by 20%, and online sales increase by 400% for the first time in five years.


The Approach

Exceeding Your Expectations


I’ve been a professional in this industry since 2000 and have developed various skills in the process. Take advantage of this service to reach new heights and gain influence in your field. With extensive technical expertise and a knack for clear and creative ideas, I’m fully capable of bringing your design goals to fruition.
With a plethora of experience in this industry, I’ve had the chance to garner several creative and practical skills. This service is a compilation of these skills, and has given many clients the push they need to reach a new level through their project. Reach out today to learn more about this service and schedule a consultation.



I am able to provide this service thanks to years of gathering specialized experience. With a talent for conceptualizing and executing highly creative ideas, this service allows me to ensure no two projects are the same. Get in touch with me today to learn how this service can make a difference in your upcoming project.

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