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Order Creation Wizard for the Final Mile Application

Automation of manually generated orders into the new Final Mile application experience.


Project Overview

Delivering Results.

This project highlights my ability to think strategically, drive changes, understand business priorities, work collaboratively, and influence stakeholders while keeping users top of mind.


The Final Mile Delivery refers to the final transportation of goods from hubs to the final destinations. This step is “The Moment That Matters” in the supply chain because it is the part that the customers experience, thus, informing their perspective, sentiments, and even serving as a determinant of competitive advantage among key players in the supply chain/logistics industry. However, challenges related to changing customer expectations, manual processing, data reliability, and inefficiencies in route optimization were opportunities on which Unigroup's Final Mile application would be capitalizing with its new interactive logistics management functions.

The Challenge

Unigroup is a $1.7 Billion transportation company and parent of United Van Lines, the nation’s leading corporate mover, and Mayflower Transit, the most well-known name in the moving industry. 
As a leader in the transportation and logistics industry since its birth over 32 years ago, it has long been associated with delivering best-in-class service to its customers and agents. 
With technology capabilities driving competition, the firm was facing significant challenges related to automating order management and fulfillment. In fact, two major segments were losing business as a result of its inability to compete on technology and deliver transparent, streamlined, and unified digital experiences.

The Goal 

The goal of this project was to build a new feature into the Final Mile Application to increase productivity and reduce costs related to the repetitive, time-consuming manual order creation process.

The Team

The Final Mile team was comprised as follows:

  1. Four Software Engineers

  2.  One Product Analyst

  3. One Product Owner

  4. One Senior User Designer 

My Role

As the Sr. User Experience Designer, I was an advocate for the Final Mile application's users and product research. I was tasked with leading all phases of the design process including but not limited to:

  • Partnering with product and engineer teams to develop learning plans and address research need;

  • Planning, designing, and executing research studies;

  • Analyzing and leveraging finding to identify gaps and area of opportunity;

  • Applying research findings into product concepts and designs.


The Approach

For this project, I relied on the power of experimentation and research to improve customer experience and successfully deliver solutions for this enterprise application. This project is a great example of how I helped transform a complex, paper-heavy task into a  simplified, cohesive digital experience for internal users.


Understanding the Users

First, I planned and facilitated 1-on-1 interviews with users before moving into journey mapping exercises to better understand the current Order Creation process end-to-end.

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Defining the Problem

Identifying & Solving User Pain

Next, I used the insights from the research to whiteboard my initial concepts and evaluate any technical limitations with the project’s engineers and product leaders.



Brain Games & Wireframes

Lastly, after ensuring that the solutions were consistent with and supportive of the user, business, and technical requirements I built a high-fidelity prototype using Sketch and InVision to support testing for remote usability testing.



This stage was focused on prototyping, collaboration, and validating the proposed workflows. To do this, I began by using Invision to create an interactive prototype. Next,  I facilitated collaboration sessions with the product's software engineers, product managers, and subject matter experts to measure the feasibility of the solutions. 
Thirdly, I moderated a number of user research activities including remote think-aloud and usability testing to collect feedback from the target user base. This was followed by an analysis and implementation of suggested feedback. The findings from each session were overall positive-highlighting the solution's ability to meet their desired expectations.


Testing & Delivery

The design guidelines for this final version included:

  • Incorporate Unigroup’s Momentum visual brand guidelines

  • Emphasize the areas for required information e.g. Customer, Destination, and Order details

  • Enable users to add additional notes and attachments to the freight orders

The final version was developed through iterative sketching and user research.



By automating the once manual "New Order Creation" experience, users were empowered to more efficiently create, track, manage, and templatize frequent order types. This, in turn, cut users' work time down by 50%. As a result, the creation wizard was later adopted as a global solution to generate orders across product lines.